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Dear Chiropractors,

Over my career and from talking to thousands of Chiropractors and Entrepreneurs, I've discovered that most business owners, and certainly Chiropractors, have experienced one or more of the following in their business.

They have a core desire to create IMPACT, but have plateaued in their practice.
They want to produce greater INCOME, but traditional marketing methods don't seem to work any more.
They want to create FREEDOM in their life, but feel restricted and tied to their practice.

Generally, as we grow in business and life, we tend to reach certain PLATEAUS and our ability to navigate these and reach the next level of growth requires more than routine strategies and tactics.

Finding the right STRATEGY to achieve your objective is vitally important, as is embracing a growth mindset!  

The two fundamental obstacles that most chiropractors have to navigate in order to create more PROFIT and FREEDOM are ALIGNMENT and AMPLIFICATION.

When you are out of ALIGNMENT, you lack clarity of your true objectives and outcomes. You allow FEAR to prevent you from executing key results that will move you towards greater success. 

When you lack AMPLIFICATION, you are missing the modern strategies and mechanisms to communicate the importance of what you do successfully to your prospects and patients.

This is what NITRO is designed for.

It is NOT a Practice Management group to force you to follow ONE specific system or script.

It is NOT about ONE strategy or ONE method that applies to everyone.

NITRO is a true COACHING program.

It is our flagship program that helps you to ALIGN and AMPLIFY.   So you can create more profit and freedom in your life and business. 

It is designed to help you unchain anchors that hold you back by helping you see your own blindspots. We can often be our own worst enemy, we'll help you see and hear things that you've been doing consciously and subconsciously in your life and in work that may not be to your benefit.

We will provide you with the latest and traditional strategies that ALIGN with your values and philosophy of practice.

And as part of a like minded TRIBE, we are able to mindshare what is working in real time with some of the best chiropractors and experts in the world... which keeps you accountable and allows you to execute at a higher level of performance.  

NITRO program includes:

  • Personally designed 1 on 1 coaching and direct access to me (Laurence Tham)
  • ​Highly curated and tailored worldwide RETREAT experiences 
  • ​Access to high performing chiropractors and business experts / entrepreneurs 
  • ​Updated library filled with strategies and tactics to help you create more profit and freedom
  • ​Access to all programs such as Amplify Your Brand and Conversion Mastery Program to help you communicate and market in 2020 and beyond
  • ​and much much more...

Qualifications are essential.
Application and interview are non-negotiable.  

Are you ready for a PROFIT PRACTICE? 
Do you want to be part of an AMAZING tribe that will not only provide friendship, but push you to be the best version of you?

NITRO will provide you with tools and actions to help you navigate everyday decisions and obstacles in real time. Provide clarity and a clear path toward greater happiness, profit, and freedom. 

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